Custom Fine Jewelry

Why custom fine jewelry? Because you want a unique, personal, piece of jewelry that you will be proud to give or wear. How do we bring your creation into being? First we decide on a design that suits your desires and needs. Working together, we discuss the ideas you have. Perhaps your inspiration is from a picture you have found or a particular style you like. If you are not exactly sure what you want, using the sketch pad , Jeffrey will present different ideas to choose from. We can use your gold and gems or you may select from our inventory. If we don’t have what you desire in stock, we can special order a selection of gems for you to choose from. Once a design is chosen, the process begins…


Making gold jewelry takes time and craftsmanship. Using our sketch as a guide your jewelry is created through a process known as “lost wax casting“. In this process a wax model of the jewelry is carved by hand. After the wax is carved it is surrounded by a liquid molding material known as “investment“. Once the investment hardens, the mold with the wax inside, is placed in a kiln where the wax is “lost“ by burning out at high temperature, leaving only a hollow replica of the wax model.

wax 011.jpg

Molten gold is then cast into where the wax used to be, hence the term “lost wax casting”. Once cast, the jewelry is finished by hand and the gems are set. Your custom jewelry has been created!

We’d like to invite you to see some of the premier design jewelry that Jeffrey has created over the past 30 years. Sit back and enjoy these timeless masterpieces.

bl sapph dia yg fill ring

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