No other gem offers the breathtaking brilliance of beautiful diamonds. All quality diamonds are rare, taking billions of years for nature to form them. Whether you’re looking for a diamond engagement wedding ring, un-mounted diamonds, or custom diamond jewelry, we can help find the perfect diamond for you.

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We have been working with our diamond suppliers for over 20 years and have developed a trusted relationship with them. When you have a specific request for your diamond wedding ring, engagement diamonds or custom diamond jewelry we can special order diamonds from our suppliers, on loan, and you can hand pick from the selection they send. These diamonds are graded and are accompanied by industry recognized certifications. One of our suppliers even offers a year of free insurance against loss or theft from the date of purchase of their diamonds.

When buying a diamond you want to know about the four C’s - cut, color, clarity and carat weight. It is the combination of these four characteristics which determine a diamond’s rarity and therefore it’s value. While the four C’s helps you to identify the quality of the diamond, it is always important to see how one diamond looks next to another. You can have two diamonds with similar characteristics but one may be more pleasing to the eye than the other. Comparing a number of gems gives you the opportunity to make that visual, emotional connection that tells you, ”This is the diamond for me!”. When that diamond “speaks” to you, you will know it! That’s why it’s important to select your diamonds with the help of an experienced jeweler you know and trust!

To find out more about the quality of a diamond, go to the 4C's of buying a diamond

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