Premier Design Jewelry

Enjoy looking at some of our premier design jewelry. We will be adding more pictures as our site is building.

fish pend

This piece of rose gold jewelry was designed with a celtic look in mind. Did you notice the "hook" where the chain is attached to the fish? A diamond is set in the eye and a ruby is bezel set in the tail.

wg ovl fac bl sapph ring

This 14k white gold wedding set is very polished and sleek. These are two separate rings that flow together as one. It really shows off the beautiful oval blue sapphire.

TT gold dia leaf - vine pend

This 14k yellow gold pendant really reflects nature. Two bezel set diamonds add the finishing touch!

Rose gold dia wed set

This 14k rose gold wedding set has lots of detail in the bands. It really enhances the beauty of the diamond.

tourm - dia yg brace This 14k yellow gold link bracelet has green and pink tourmalines in the center. There are two princess diamonds in the first link that also adds to it's beauty.

yg 9 rd dia ring

This 14k yellow gold ring has nine diamonds of different sizes incorporated into it's design. Unique and simplified.

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